What if Ketamine could heal you from years of mental illness including depression, anxiety, trauma, PTSD, chronic pain, and more. Take a deep dive into the healing world of Ketamine Assisted Psychedelic Therapy with this innovative documentary.

“The Biggest Breakthrough in Mental Health Treatment in More Than 50 Years” —

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What its about

Lighter: A Ketamine Experience is a one-hour, feature-length documentary that explores the life journeys of three individuals (Chad, Jessica, and Michael) who each struggle with the ongoing dilemma of anxiety, trauma, and addiction. In search of healing, they commit to a therapeutic modality like no other, Ketamine Therapy, which allows for a psychedelic experience of personal transformation. The documentary features accomplished psychedelic professionals, Dr. Michelle Weiner, Dr. Andrew Ferber, Dustin Robinson, Esq. CPA, and the Brand Ambassador of MY Self Wellness, Charles Patti as a testimony for the healing effects of ketamine as an alternative solution for people facing mental health issues.

Chad’s Story

Chad is a successful entrepreneur with a long history of trauma and abuse. For years he suppressed his feelings by burying himself in work, but no matter what he tried his feelings of depression and discontent continued to grow. After his marriage failed and he lost his brother in a tragic event, Chad found himself at MY Self Wellness in search of a way to heal from his pain. By participating in Ketamine Therapy, Chad was finally able to let go of the past and forgive himself. Today, he is happily remarried and enjoys time with friends and family—and his business and life have excelled in ways he could have never imagined. 

Jessica’s Story

Jessica had suffered from depression and anxiety since she was 10-years-old due to early childhood trauma. She’d been on and off anti-depression medications for years, but the therapies weren’t working. It wasn’t until she found herself hospitalized and unable to work that she knew she had to make a change. She discovered an innovative treatment for depression and anxiety, Ketamine Therapy, and finally found relief after just one session. She described the treatment process as a ”rebirth” of her soul, and her life’s purpose shifted from that moment on. She is a registered nurse and was experienced corporate burnout.

Michael’s Story

Michael is a Navy Veteran who was on the brink of suicide after self-numbing his PTSD and depression with drugs and alcohol. For years he tried to get sober but was unsuccessful. It wasn’t until he experienced the healing powers of Ketamine Therapy at MY Self Wellness that he was able to truly heal. Today, he owns a thriving kombucha business and is a sound healer to others on their healing paths.

Meet the Experts

“We have this huge problem with depression. I think there’s 17 million people that are depressed and there’s 50 million people who are in chronic pain. A lot of the cognitive-behavioral therapies aren’t as effective as we thought—and the antidepressants aren’t as effective as we thought. A lot of people are suffering, and a lot of the suffering has to do with trauma.”

Dr. Michelle Weiner DO, MPH

Dustin Robinson, Esq. CPA

“Psychedelics have ‘absolutely transformational’ potential. This is why I’m so passionate about psychedelic legal reform.”

“Like so many others who have been through trauma and addiction, I found myself lost and unable to cultivate healing. I spent many years hiding from myself, and unable to understand how to create a joyful, purposeful life,” said Charles Patti, brand ambassador of MY Self Wellness. “It wasn’t until I incorporated therapeutic psychedelics into my regime that I began to see a transformation. My goal is to share my story on a global level to encourage others to try ketamine therapy and begin their healing journey.”

Charles Patti,

Brand Ambassador at MY Self Wellness

Christina Thomas

Founder & President of MY Self Wellness

Our network of loving and conscious practitioners empowers and assists individuals in unblocking their natural healing energies by combining the healing benefits of ketamine with new lifestyle practices for a full mental reset,” said Christina Thomas, president and founder of MY Self Wellness. “With these tools, we believe patients can transcend their traumas and let go of obstacles on every level of physical, psychological, and spiritual blockages.

Almost all the maladies that we call depression, trauma, sadness are blocks, active inhibitions, of the natural flow of loving energy within us.

Dr. Ferber, MD

Psychiatrist at MY Self Wellness

Movie Premiere


Don’t miss the premiere screening of “Lighter: A Ketamine Experience” at Cannadelic Miami on Feb 6th from 4-5 p.m. Following the screening, stay and enjoy a panel discussion with the movie cast including, Jessica Morell, RN, Charles Patti, Brand Ambassador of MY Self Wellness, and more! 


Use code Myself25 to receive 25% off the conference ticket price. Those wishing to only attend the “Lighter” screening can attend FREE by registering for a general admission ticket. RSVP today!


Private Screening


The film that’s changing the way the world thinks about Ketamine Assisted Psychedelic Therapy is now available for community screenings.


Whether you’re considering Ketamine Therapy and want to learn more or have an interest in mental wellness, Lighter: A Ketamine Experience is a powerful way to share science-backed information that can heal lives.

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    About Ketamine

    Ketamine is one of the most widely used anesthetics on the market because of its safe and non-toxic nature. It’s FDA-approved and is considered to be virtually risk-free when taken under medical supervision.


    Due to its psychedelic nature, Ketamine has been misused recreationally as the party drug, Special K, but today it’s making new waves as an innovative medical treatment for mental wellness. 


    Ketamine is used by many health practitioners as a revolutionary healing therapy. It is a fast-acting alternative treatment method for those who have tried other medications and therapies with no success in overcoming their depression, anxiety, PTSD, chronic pain, and more. 

    Discover the healing powers of Ketamine Assisted Psychedelic Therapy!

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